At UConn Medical Group, Know a Better Electronic Medical Record Providers, clinicians, and office staff have patient records available at their fingertips. NextGen allows for ePrescribing from any location. NextGen provides decision support tools to providers. Technology and medicine working together to advance patient care.

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Know a Better Electronic Medical Record

NextGen Healthcare Information SystemsUConn Health Center physician offices operate almost entirely on paper. They receive notification of patient appointments through the IDX system, but clinical data is not computerized into an EMR. The implementation of NextGen will provide for an electronic computer version of a patient’s health information standardized across their Health Center physician offices to share information such as:

  • patient demographics
  • progress notes
  • problems
  • medications
  • insurance carrier formulary checking
  • automated prescription faxing or ePrescribing
  • vital signs
  • past medical, surgical, and social history
  • immunizations
  • laboratory data
  • radiology reports
  • patient photographs and insurance card scanning to protect from identify theft and insurance fraud
  • printing of patient educational materials
  • reminders to providers to prescribe timely tests or procedures based upon personal healthcare maintenance needs

It will give caregivers a means to quickly and accurately document and retrieve patient data in a standardized format, with improvements to patient care and safety.

The implementation of NextGen in all the UConn Health Center physician offices is supported by the UConn Health Center leadership team as a primary focus of our strategic planning. It will allow practices to take advantage of reporting on Meaningful Use Standards, PQRI and Pay for Performance contracts, and obtain financial rewards associated with compliance.

As a result of this implementation, the Health Center will be more effective, efficient and productive. Caregivers will have access to a patient’s longitudinal records from one specialty area to another. Offices will no longer need to provide advance notification for medical records chart pulls. Complete medical record information will be accessible 24/7 and via remote access to providers during off hours. To learn more about the NextGen project, please visit this site frequently and read the email Broadcast Messages for announcements regarding new practices.

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